Nicolas Verzelen

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Research Scientist,
MISTEA Laboratory, INRAE
Univ. Montpellier
2 place Pierre Viala
34060, Montpellier CEDEX 2, France
E-Mail: nicolas.verzelen [@] inrae [DOT] fr

About me

I work as a research scientist (aka chargé de recherche) in Statistics within INRAE. I am mostly interested in the analysis of popular algorithms for modern data science with a particular emphasis on methods for agroecology data.


My current research interests include

  • clustering

  • network analysis

  • change-point detection

  • minimax theory

  • applications to seed exchange networks

  • applications to agroecology


Some recent publications

  1. S. Thépaut and N. Verzelen. Optimal Estimation of Schatten Norms of a rectangular Matrix. [ArXiv]

  2. C. Giraud, Y. Issartel, and N. Verzelen Localization in 1D non-parametric latent space models from pairwise affinities [ArXiv]

  3. E. Pilliat, A. Carpentier, and N. Verzelen. Optimal multiple change-point detection for high-dimensional data. [ArXiv]

  4. N. Verzelen, M. Fromont, M. Lerasle, and P. Reynaud-Bouret. Optimal Change-Point Detection and Localization. [ArXiv]

  5. E. Roquain and N. Verzelen. On using empirical null distributions in Benjamini-Hochberg procedure. [ArXiv] [Vignette]

  6. A. Carpentier and N. Verzelen. Adaptive estimation of the sparsity in the Gaussian vector model. Annals of Statistics, 47(1):93–126, 2019. [Article] [ArXiv]

  7. C. Giraud and N. Verzelen. Partial recovery bounds for clustering with the relaxed K-means. Mathematical Statistics and Learning, 1(3):317–374, 2018. [Article] [ArXiv]

Full list of publications.


Current PhD Students: